The Journey - EP available to stream!
Cadence Cycle
The Journey - EP available to stream!
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
February 12, 2022
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The Journey - EP available to stream!

Cadence Cycle’s first EP, titled The Journey, is available to stream on all platforms. Additionally, there is a music video available on youtube for the song Supreme.

Inspiration for this EP came from a dark depressive period I experienced starting just before the covid 19 pandemic. When the pandemic shut down everything around me, the depression got worse. I found myself alone in my apartment without leaving. I worked from home, ordered food to be delivered, and had no reason to leave. The only thing that I felt interested in was starting to record music. I spent my stimulus check on some basic home recording equipment and got to work.

Starting out recording was rough, and it became clear I wasn’t as good at playing music as I thought. So, this began the journey of gradually getting better at all things music. Rightfully so, I named the EP after this journey of getting better at music and pulling myself out of a depressive rut. The content of the music serves the purpose of expressing myself as I felt during this time. It tells a small portion of my story in a way I couldn’t do through another medium.The hot air balloons are a metaphor for the journey I am going on with music and finding purpose in life.

After releasing this album my goals became more clear, and self realization became evident. I am a multi-instrumentalist playing all instruments on all song. I do all recording, production, mixing, and mastering. I do post-production, releases, and publicity. I make this project function end-to-end, and this EP is a monument of where it all began.

Listen Here // https://cadencecycle.hearnow.com/

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/cadence-cycle

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